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StrideDNA Optimal Health (Inc. Methylation + More)

StrideDNA Optimal Health (Inc. Methylation + More)

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StrideDNA Optimal Health is our ultimate DNA test product, which provides the most comprehensive analysis of your unique genetic profile for complete health and wellness.

Unlock your body’s methylation capabilities by analysing key metabolic pathways (e.g., the Folate Cycle) and genes (COMT, MTR, MTHFR, and more). The StrideDNA Optimal Health test reveals genetic mutations, nutrient deficiencies, fitness predispositions, mental cognition, skin insights, and how to optimise your body's function holistically. 

StrideDNA Optimal Health includes DNA reports covering Methylation, Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep + Stress, and Skin. Includes 1:1 consultations with our human health experts. 

StrideDNA is an at-home testing kit that gives you a deep insight into your genetics using a simple, pain-free cheek swab. Order your kit today, and we'll analyse key genetic variants affecting your day-to-day lifestyle and overall health. Your comprehensive reports will be ready in 5-10 working days and available on your My Stride portal. 

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